Community guidelines


This Charter and our Terms of Use are there to ensure that a site remains Ladoschat friendly where you can have fun in a safe and responsible.

Allowed on Ladoschat

  • Only load your photos and videos
    We consider the issue of copyright very seriously. If you do not have the rights to a photo or video, do not post or it will be deleted and your account will be suspended.
  • Respect other users
    We are a diverse community which means that respect for the beliefs and property of others is at the top of our priorities.
  • Follows the Charter Community
    It is for the good of the whole community that we ask you to use Ladoschat edited according to the rules.
  • Created a buzz around the net Ladoschat
    Sharing your photos and videos Ladoschat with all your friends and the rest of the world. Post them on other web pages and integrates your links in your emails and on forums. Inform the other about this new community!
  • Sharing your life with the world
    Ladoschat allows you to tell the world of your life and your work.

Not allowed on Ladoschat

  • Do not insult other users
    You should drive on the site as in your everyday life. Talk to other members as they were in front of you.
  • Do not charge any erotic or pornographic content
    You easily find other places on the web to download or view pornographic content. We are not here for that. Thank you for your respect.
  • Do not do anything illegal on our site
    If you break this rule, we can not tolerate it and we will inform the competent authorities.
  • Do not send messages copied / pasted to other users
    It really lacks originality! Write a personal message instead, it has much more interest.
  • Do not spam other users
    Do not try to sell your products, sites or other services is not a platform sales.

Failure to comply with this policy will be followed by a formal warning and a suspension of your account if you persevere. This charter is made for this site remains a warm and friendly for all our users. If you do not agree, find another community site that better suits your values​​.