Support services

icone inscription Registration

To register you just have to click join, then you must complete three steps with succcess.
The first is to educate your login information on the site, the second is to inform your personal information and the last is to validate the mail you have received (Check your junk courier).

icone connection Login

In order to log on to the site you must have an account to pre-validated, then he will be asked for your email address and your password to log on.
Is the only single page that can be able to ask you your login information is the home page

Your e-mail address you used for your connection but also to be notified in mail action on your behalf in your absence

Your password you will never be asked by a site administrator, as you alone responble your profile and any data located above we ask you to never give your information connection.

icone navigation Navigation

To properly navigate ladoschat, you have a horizontal menu your disposal to make you on every page of the site. Here is a detail of the functionalities of every page.
mon profil
"My profile" page will allow you to have all your information day and change your avatar. Pouras you also change the parameters of your account or visit your photo gallery as well as your wall.
mes amis
"My friends" page you will see your friend requests and accept or reject it. You will also have a vision of your friend requests sent with a list of your current friends.
mes photos
"My photos" page will allow you to create your albums and fill them with pictures of your choice. You will also have the opportunity to comment repondres your photos and share them.
mes messages
The "My messages" will give you the opportunity to not only meet and send messages, but also enable automatic answering machines one will answer messages received after activating.
aller sur le tchat
This page is a bit special. It will open in a new tab and automatically connect you directly to the irc chat ladoschat.
The "rankings" you will have an overview of some of the top site such as the top 10 votes on the site.
rechercher un membre
The "search" you will find a member on the site among several criteria. It sufira you to click on the icon to add him as a friend send a request.

icone desinscription Unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe you from our site you should you visit the "My Profile" -> "parameter count", once this gait éffectuer we keep your conversation history and your post for a period of six months, during which 6 months you can ask us to reactivate your account after your data will be permanently deleted from our database.

Regarding the reactivation of your account you must provide us with a maximum element.

icone loi Law

You can manage your personal information in "My Profile". With options, control access to your profile, protect your pictures by giving them the status of "Public" or "Private" and more.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you also have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you thank you send us an email directly at