About ladoschat

Ladoschat is an online community with global scale that allows its members to communicate and meet new people both locally and in the world. Its many features include the very latest in terms of social networking and gives users the tools to increase their visibility and expand their circle of acquaintances.

Main Functions

A special feature of ladoschat is that it allows the user to directly control the size of its audience. With our patented features, members can use mobile phones to activate options that allow them to gain visibility instantly. To this we added an instant messaging, the ability to upload photos and videos, or the possibility of visiting profiles and albums.

The beginning

Ladoschat Valenciennes was created in 2008 by a young developer and entrepreneur daring and avant-garde. The idea was to create a social site that transcend national boundaries, but at the same time allow users to share their local cultures. Their goal was to increase in all cities to the smallest villages to facilitate new local meetings.


Ladoschat has already built a large and diverse global community. However, we strive to expand our network of users and provide the latest technology, enabling users to meet new people and so improve somewhat their daily lives.